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Rebecca Morledge

Artist and Illustrator


Landscapes, buildings, and people fascinate me. Every time I walk through a street there is something interesting and different to see, it is never the same. My paintings show town and city streets in a new light, from above, where we don’t normally get to see them. I like to paint the hidden parts, the complicated back buildings behind a classic facade, the rooftops, and those very top floor windows that you would never normally notice.

Through my paintings I want to help people to appreciate the beauty around them wherever it may be and the characters that belong within it. In 2018 I completed an MA in Illustration at Nottingham Trent University. During this time I focused my studies on children’s book illustration creating three picture books during the course and I qualified with a distinction. I hope to use the skills learned in my time at university to develop and create interesting new works of art.

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