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Join us on 6th & 7th May for our fifth anniversary

And it's going to be a bit of a celebration as Belper becomes awash with talented creatives


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The Belper Arts Trail continues to grow year on year and will be celebrating its 5th anniversary this year.

Last year it was estimated that 3,000 people visited the Trail, making it one of the most popular Trails in the Midlands. The aim is to make a great family day out – or two if you can’t manage it all in one day!

This year we have over 130 artists in over 49 venues and we will be supporting this with a full program of music with the main stage in The Memorial Gardens and 10 music venues in all. There is plenty going on throughout the town. Captain Dan is back, in a different format this year, but expect lots of pirate shenanigans!

We welcome the Strutts to this year’s trail where we will be housing a large number of artists to be accompanied by acoustic music plus Strutts will be operating their café with their legendary bacon sandwiches!

This year we have introduced a new concept – an Upper Trail and a Lower Trail – so you can choose different places to start if you wish. The Upper Trail will still be starting in The Market Place whilst the Lower Trail will start at Strutts. Both will be colour coded differently. The Trail, which takes place this year from 10.30am - 4.30pm on Sunday, May 6 and Bank Holiday Monday, May 7 covers the town centre and it’s surrounds plus The Memorial Gardens where you'll find food stalls, children's entertainment and the main music stage plus you can get your trail guides from there too.

There will also be craft demonstrations taking place in The Market Place. Additionally, Belper Historical Society are hosting a one day exhibition in The Masonic Hall on Campbell Street and Adrian Farmer will be doing an Arts and Heritage Walk on the Monday.

Arts Trail Guides will again contain a map identifying venues and artists as well as times of events during the two days of the trail. Entry to the Trail this year again will be by purchasing a trail badge and you will also receive a brochure.

The badge and brochure will enable you to enter every venue and costs £3 per person again and will be available on trail days from..

Strutts Centre, The Memorial Gardens, Belper North Mill, Gatehouse Antiques, Fleet Arts and on The Market Place.

The Belper Arts Trail was created to promote the growth of local artists, engage with the community and enhance Belper's reputation as a beautiful and inspiring place to visit. Now in it's fifth year, the Arts Trail is attracting artists from across the country whilst still keeping local artists at the forefront. Paintings, sculpture, photography, glass and jewellery – all will feature throughout the trail with prices to suit all pockets. You can chat to artists and see demonstrations. A brilliant way to spend the weekend.

Captain Dan is back

Captain Dan returns… but this time the format is different.

We are grateful to Amanda at The Ritz Cinema for letting the Captain loose in there.

Read more…


There will be a demo marquee on the Market Place.
It will be a great place to get inspired and watch the experts demonstrate their skills

Read more…

Music Trail

Music will again be focused on The Memorial Gardens with a main stage but this will form the major plank of an overall music trail to complement the Arts Trail.

Read more….

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Music to make your ears tingle

An audio trail within a visual trail

Live Music at 10 Busk Stops

Accessible Belper

For 2018 we have worked closely with our venues and Accessible Belper to ensure that all who attend the event can fully enjoy it whatever their specific needs may be.

Consequently, in the trail guide we have included information about whether a venue is accessible. You can use our handy guide as to whether the artists are in an accessible location or if you need assistance, also where disabled toilets are so that you plan your route accordingly. 

For more information on accessibility around the town check


The Belper Arts Trail has been established to help promote the growth of local artists, engage
with the community and enhance Belper's reputation as a beautiful place to visit.
Read more about us….

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