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Belper Arts Trail Belper Arts Festival

Sunday 30th and Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2020

We've moved to the August Bank Holiday

Apply Now for 2020!

If you were thinking of applying for the Belper Arts Trail this year, now is the time to do so.

We are pleased to announce our Artist Call Out for the trail.

The 7th Belper Arts Trail will take place this year on Sunday 30th August and Bank Holiday Monday 31st August. PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE OF DATES FOR 2020. It will be focused, as usual, around the centre of Belper involving community centres, shops, businesses, pubs, churches and some private houses.

The 2019 Trail was the best yet in terms of participation and visitor numbers with over 130 artists in 60 different venues split between an Upper and Lower Trail. We estimate over 3,500 visitors came to the town. The Children’s Event, with Captain Dan the Pirate performing a variety show in The Ritz, was an enormous success and virtually sold out throughout the two days; there was an excellent choice of things for the family and music was again to the fore in The Memorial Gardens and at Nourish at No44.

This year we will continue with our tried and tested approach and the exact nature of the Trail will emerge in the coming months as we are always looking to do something different to keep the Trail fresh.

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What we are looking for...

We have places available falling into the following broad categories:

Artists in Venues
You will be placed in a venue which we will be determined by us during June/July. This may be a singleton venue or a venue with multiple artists. We take many factors into account when placing you and we also want the trail to stay vibrant so we would look to move people around the trail year-on-year.

Window Displays
In 2019 we had eight window displays and this proved to be very popular. We would like to continue this offer in 2020 and would like to invite applications from artists who would like to have a window display. This could be an artist who does not want to be present for some reason or it can be an artist who will already be present in another venue.

We are always looking to create a number of installations throughout Belper in the build up to the Trail, or just during the trail, and we would be interested in any proposition an artist may make. If you have an idea for an installation please get in touch to discuss.

Please see the application form for more in depth information.

The deadline for all applications is Wednesday 15th April 2020.

If you would like any more information or help please do get in touch by emailing us

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The Belper Arts Trail has been established to help promote the growth of local artists, engage
with the community and enhance Belper's reputation as a beautiful place to visit.
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