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Nik Sanders


Stained glass artist


I am a stained glass artist and mum of two boys, working from my home studio in Derby. A few years ago I set up Hepzibar.Button to sell stained glass panels and hangings and take on commissioned work for windows and doors.

With a background as a primary school teacher for over fifteen years I was introduced to stained glass through a gift from a colleague. This started off a real curiosity and passion for experimenting with glass. I enjoy the freedom of working with colour, line and form in the designing process and then moving onto the order and accuracy required for the lead and glass construction. I have been making stained glass panels and hangings for over ten years and a few years ago I was able to buy a kiln and have been experimenting with glass paint, which has allowed me to add more detail to my work.

I love Scandinavian design and much of my inspiration comes from that and my enjoyment of gardening and nature. I love flowers and most of my stained glass pieces represent some sort of flower or seed head.

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