Sunday 30th & Bank Holiday Monday 31st August

There is a £15 fee to join the Belper Arts Platform. We charge no commission fee when you sell an item. Listings will last until Christmas 2020 unless the item is sold out or the quantity is reduced to zero. You can re-list items if you wish to and replace items with new items but you must allow us 7 days to process new items.

There are no listing fees in this initial period.


All transactions through the Belper Arts Platform are conducted via card payments through Shopify Payments.

Shopify Payments have no transaction fee but card payments attract a fee of 2.2% + 20p per transaction from the payment provider.

The payment provider will transfer the monies to Belper Arts minus the credit/debit card fees and this is made available to Belper Arts three (3) business days after the transaction.

Belper Arts has disabled other payment providers as these attract an additional 2% transaction fee.

Onward Payments to Artists

Belper Arts will notify you of a sale within 24 hours of that sale taking place. You then must notify us by email to of fulfilment of the order within seven (7) days. You must also notify us in the same email of the bank account you wish the funds to be transferred to. We will not transfer funds by any other method.

Belper Arts will transfer your funds after receipt of the fulfilment email and receipt of the funds from the payment provider – whichever is the later.

The funds transferred to you will be the total cost of the sale minus the card payment fees as dictated by the payment provider.

There is no VAT applicable to the Belper Arts Platform at this stage but we keep this under review. If you are VAT registered then you are solely responsible for dealing with this.

About the trail

The Arts Trail began in 2014 when two artists wanted to help strengthen the local artistic community and to find interesting and creative solutions to the lack of dedicated space in Belper for artists to exhibit.

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