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Beth's Poetry Trail

Read by Captive Audience

Beth’s Poetry Trail can be found around the town, as a permanent memorial to Beth Fender who founded the town’s first two poetry groups.

The Beth Fender Memorial Fund and working group was established to set up the trail in 2003, including members of the poetry groups, plus family and local community representation.

We've teamed up with Captive Audience and Beth's Poetry Trail to create a visual trail. Just click on each number to reveal the reading of the poem.

Everything Flows Heraclitus

Read by Lisa Isreal

Three Swallows in the River Meadows Stuart Mills

This is a visual poem only and not meant to be read.

Ducks FW Harvey

Read by Freddie Levesley

Rain Spike Milligan

Read by Laurie Peeling

Trees Joyce Kilmer

Read by Isla Atherton

Vital Valley Cathy Grindrod

Read by Carmen Skipper

New Eyes Each Year Philip Larkin

Read by Phoebe Peeling

Love Warms Beth Fender

Read by Chloe Kirkley

Travel Edna St. Vincent Millay

Read by Ben Dawson

From A Railway Carriage RL Stevenson

Read by Freddie Levesley

To Nature Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Read by Molly Boursnell

High Flight John Gillespie Magee

Read by Phoebe Peeling

Flowers Wendy Cope

Read by Emma Nelson

The Road Not Taken from The Poetry of Robert Frost

Read by Lily Lowe

He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven WB Yeats

Read by Phoebe Peeling

Heaven-Haven Gerard Manley Hopkins

Read by Emma Nelson

Prayer In A Garden Bert Hinckley

Read by Carman Skipper

I Taste Liquor Never Brewed Emily Dickinson

Read by Izzy Hawley

View From My Bedroom Window Beth Fender

Read by Izzy Hawley

*Sadly permission couldn't be granted to show the house on which the poem is displayed.

Words On A Wall Jean Sealey

Read by Molly Boursnell

Beth's Poetry Trail

If you would like to walk the 20 sites around the town, you can use our guide below. Each poem has been interpreted in a manner appropriate to the poem and the setting, as far as possible. Poets represented include: Spike Milligan, Emily Dickinson, R L Stevenson, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Philip Larkin.

A free interpretation leaflet, which includes a map, guides visitors around the trail and can be picked up at Belper Library or Strutts North Mill Visitor Centre. Guided walks are offered two or three times per year usually as part of the Amber Valley & Erewash ‘Autumn Fooprints Walking Festival’ and the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage site’s Discovery Days programmes. We can offer your Women’s Institute, church or other social group a talk about Beth’s Poetry Trail.

‘Beth & Belper, Tale of a Trail’ by Jean Sealey, which tells the story behind the development of the trail, is available to borrow from Derbyshire libraries or to purchase by post for £5.50 including P&P. Get in touch via the contact page for more information or to order a copy.

An anthology of Beth’s poetry titled ‘Chain of Memories‘ was published in May 2017; it contains information about Beth and all of her poems, with photographs and ‘memories’ from people who knew her. The price is £5 plus P& P and can be ordered from us via ‘Contact Us’ below. It is also available to borrow from the Derbyshire library service.

About the trail

The Arts Trail began in 2014 when two artists wanted to help strengthen the local artistic community and to find interesting and creative solutions to the lack of dedicated space in Belper for artists to exhibit.

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