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Ray Gumbley

Fine Art Portrait and Landscape Photographer


Gumbley is a fine art self-taught photographer, spending his earlier life writing poetry and scripts for his own personal wellbeing until he picked up a camera in the late nineties and then started developing this professionally. Gumbley’s interests lie in people, art, fashion, street photography, landscapes, bodyscapes, dance, haiku poetry, still life, gothic, tattoos,’ theatre, and burlesque culture.

Gumbley works from his home studio in Long Eaton. Gumbley, takes commissions, collaborates with other artists and models, runs fine art photography workshops as well as mindful photography sessions. His photography and fine art prints explore loss, life, death, faith, hope escapism, mental health, play and how people make sense of themselves, the world around them and the beauty that is in the chaos and darkness of it all.

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