Isabella Cooper

Isabella Cooper



Isabella Cooper was born 25 November 1935 in Jamaica and came to England in 1958. She was a wife and a very hard working mother of 4 children.

At the age of 47 Isabella had a major stroke which affected the dominant right side of her body. It left her without the use of her right arm, and she never recovered her speech. With great determination she learnt to use her left arm.

She was given the opportunity to attend art college as a form of therapy. She had never painted before, but after starting college she discovered that she had a natural gift and became passionate about art. She spent many hours at college and at home painting.

Isabella loved life and had an happy, spirited, lively personality, which is depicted in the vibrant colours in her paintings.

Isabella fell asleep 2 days after her 87th birthday on the 27 November 2022.

Isabella's family will be displaying her work as a celebration of what can be achieved by someone who has suffered a severe stroke.

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