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From "The Memoirs of a Life Well Lived." By Gopi

Gopi, if only I could feel the mellows of that simple village girl's heart; a sweet pubescent virgin with hopes and joys of a life beckoning her forth; innocence and gaiety, sweet nothings whispering into her open-to-the-world ears. Oh Gopi! T'is to thee I surrender in the hopes you will take me into your friendship group where I too may mellow in your mood of divine sweetness.

Have you passed an eternity dancing in the full-moon night, in that sweet-silver moonlight, with your lover? Have you dreamt and then realised that mellow stream of appetising affections only the pure-at-heart may feel?

I too wish to be taken in your arms and shown the ways of those simple villagers whose sweet pastimes are sung in the four corners of the universe, where the longings for true beauty fills the spirit of their times.

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