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Originally from Coventry, however I moved to derby after a back & forth battle in my head between my true dream and practicality. logically I kept opting for the Teaching degree as it was the 'secure' option unlike the harsh realities of starting out as an artist. I fortunately left university during my second year and took the leap to start up my own business, while at the time this seemed scary, the idea of staying in a job that was mentally draining seemed much worse.

I felt like I had lost all the parts of myself I loved and had developed through college. I had to pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild my life through my art processes. The joy it brings to other people and to me makes the long days worth it a million times over. My sister was my biggest inspiration within the creative industry, I used to sit with her and watch her draw for hours wishing to be like her one day, I sat in my room practicing for years with loads of different techniques and materials to find what worked for me.

I express using a variety of media, experimenting with new ideas, styles and textures. As usual I look forward to the Arts Trail, displaying my work and, most of all, meeting people. I feel most confident in my abilities when creating realism portraits for my clients such as pet or family portraits. I love brining those once in a lifetime memory to life for you to cherish forever. I use my greeting cards as a break of creative expression between my realism pieces to allow a stronger flow through my processes and prevent burnout.

Original artworks, limited edition prints, commissions and greetings cards are available.

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