Sunday 5th and Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

Belper Art Group

Artist collective

Belper Art Group

We are a friendly, informal group who meet to enjoy, share and develop our interests in all things artistic. The group has members of all ages and abilities, we meet weekly at the Strutts Centre Belper.

Six members of the Belper Art Group will be exhibiting in room 10 at Strutts community centre.

Jackie Hobbs
Seven years ago, l discovered a love of using acrylic paints and collage together to express myself. My inspiration comes mainly from nature and my quirky imagination. I love to use colour to bring my paintings to life in different ways.

Rachel Billings
I live on a small holding which along with the Derbyshire countryside gives me inspiration for my work, especially the local stone walls, gate, barns, fences and trees. I use a variety of mediums, favourites being watercolour, oils and pencils.

Paul Simmons
Paul is an artist who favours painting portraits in acrylics on paper or canvas. Paul has an original and contemporary style, using vibrant colours to draw out contrast between shadow, highlights and mid tones, resulting in a figurative and graphic representation of his subjects. This is the first time that Paul has taken part in the Belper Arts Trail.

Lynn Taylor
Lynn has been painting in oils and acrylics for a number of years. She recently moved to Belper from Warwickshire and became a member of the Belper Art Group. She has two styles of painting. The first is realistic paintings in oils, anything from flowers and animals to fruit and cocktails. She paints using a layered technique which results in fine details and a lifelike result. The second style is mandala painting in acrylics. These are done either on stones, which she makes herself using moulds, or on canvas or pdf boards.

Linda Hartshorn
I love the natural world. As far as I’m concerned there is beauty in any creature regardless of what it is, and inspiration can be found in the humblest of animals. All you have to do is look. I love to work in acrylics, gouache, marker pen and pencil.

Nicky Tatham
My inspiration comes from nature and the surrounding Derbyshire countryside. I enjoy lino printing, printing cards, collagraph landscape printing, working with watercolours, gouache, mixed media and acrylics. I have recently started making macrame leaves on driftwood, and artists concertina sketchbooks.