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Get that Festival feeling at Fleet Arts during the trail

A hub of interactivity for all the family


Fleet Arts

Fleet Arts is a charity that works with a wide variety of groups and organisations to deliver creative projects & events all year round.

It has a small team of three dedicated, part-time workers and the new Manager, Ola Wilson, has been a keen contributor to the Arts Trail since its’ conception, so is pleased this year, to offer a variety of interactive, creative, accessible, fun & mindful activities at Fleet Arts over the Arts Trail weekend.

Fleet Arts are an accessible venue with toilets and parking for all and only a short walk from either the Market Square, No.28 or Strutts.

To entice people up the slight hill, there will be a delicious vegetarian two course lunch on offer, created by the fantastic Pulp Friction CIC with young adults with learning disabilities, using surplus food from Supermarkets (supplied by FareShare) for just £2.50 adults/£1 children.

So, why not plan to go to Fleet Arts for some well-earned refreshment and creative fun on your way around the trail!

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What's on at Fleet Arts during the Arts Trail

  • Vinyl record trolley – choose a record, play it on the record player, sit, relax or even have a dance!
  • Quirky portraits – have your portrait drawn by an artist in one continuous line without them looking at the paper
  • Love-a-lampshade - Help decorate a standard lamp for the Fleet
  • Festive flowers - Make a large tissue flower to brighten up the Fleet Hall
  • Poetry Posse – join in creating a limerick with the help of one of the poets on hand
  • Exhibition –enjoy the variety of visual art created by the Fleet Arts studio collective
  • Have-a-go - Make a Lucky Fairy out of air dry clay
  • Labyrinth – walk the labyrinth installation to encourage a peaceful mind
  • Bike-powered - Sit on the bike, pedal and make your own smoothie!
  • Crank-powered - Turn the handle and watch the bubbles fly!
  • Cake & drinks - yes of course we will have some cakes, hot & cold drinks on offer!

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Turn It Up

Fleet Arts’ music programme will be one of the hosts of the stage in the Memorial Gardens throughout the weekend, with performances from a selection of some of the best young musicians in Belper and surrounding areas.


The Belper Arts Trail has been established to help promote the growth of local artists, engage
with the community and enhance Belper's reputation as a beautiful place to visit.
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