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Co : Creators is a new event within the Arts Trail where you get to watch how things are made.

A hub of making and creating


Co : Creators

What is Co : Creators? We asked Richard Bett.

"This is a new event that I've not seen before and only came to my mind six weeks ago. So I have a vision, which is still being created, that this could be called true art. It is very exciting but there's a certain amount of apprehension.

It came to me after visiting the Apple store in Liverpool. When they show clients how an Apple watch works they place a stand over the watch connected to an Iphone. Through its camera they then project it onto a large TV via an apple TV box.

Translating this idea into working with jewellery making is what interested me. I intend to use a specially constructed stand and an Iphone. Whilst people are constructing parts of a joint project with a group of jewellers making one project design. a necklace as an example, you will be able to see the intricate work. There could be a similar project for a group of potters or felt makers.

This will take place in an adapted set of market stalls called a maker’s enclosure. This is where the audience could view on TV screens the making of these projects. This makers enclosure will be situated in Belper’s Market Place.

There will be other objects being made on the Market Place by Phil Carter, a blacksmith, and a large plaster cast of the head of a horse which will be opened at the end of each day.

In Number 28 there will be a group exhibition of the demonstrators of different standards and levels of learning of different crafts and art.

At the same time as this is going on, there will be a dedicated team of people whose role is multimedia production. This requires a team that will be cameramen, script writers, presenters, organiser that will document and film the Co : Creators event as if it is like “Bake Off” using the makers as subjects to create a multimedia event.

This will also involve the maker being interviewed and filmed and the creation of a show that can be viewed on the TV screen by the general public who wish to just watch it with a coffee from the cafe in number 28 or a pint of beer from Angels.

This is using all my skills as an artist but also shows how other artists work and make things.

I would like to thank all those people who've helped to make this art event, Co : Creators, happen. Some of those people I have not met yet, but small or large we're all linked together."

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