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Live Music along the trail from over 70 local musicians at 10 Busk Stops around the town.

An audio trail within a visual trail


There will be 10 live music busk stops around the town centre and will be run by Derbyarts, Fleet Arts, Node56 and Itty Bitty Committee.

Do listen out for QHQ and Derby Djembe Drummers popping up in various venues around the trail.

The busk service will be running from 11am - 5pm both days of the Arts Trail and will include different routes to a variety of live performances to enhance the Trail experience.

The full Busk Timetable for all 10 venues can be found in the Trail Guide.

Busk Stops 2018:

01 - Strutts Centre - (12-4pm)

02 - The Studio - (12-4pm)

03 - Vegan Revolution Café - (12-4pm)

04 - The Bridge - King Street - (12-4pm)

05 - The Railway Hotel - (12-4pm)

06. J'adore Ma Vie - (12-4pm)

07. Fresh Basil - (12-2pm)

08. Angels Micro Brewery - (12-4pm)

09. Arkwrights - (12-4pm)

10. The Memorial Gardens - (11am-5pm)

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Music to make your ears tingle

An audio trail within a visual trail

Live Music at 10 Busk Stops


The Belper Arts Trail has been established to help promote the growth of local artists, engage
with the community and enhance Belper's reputation as a beautiful place to visit.
Read more about us….

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