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Join us for lots of pirate shenanigans in the Ritz Cinema

Captain Dan and his motley crew are back!


Captain Dan’s Day Off

After three long years of hunting (un)successfully for treasure in and around Belper, Captain Dan and his crew are enjoying a well-deserved day off, but with the unexpected arrival of Inspector Mackerel, all that is about to change!

Can Captain Dan impress the inspector and earn back his pirating license? Or is there something fishy going on…?

Join Captain Dan and his motley crew in their first theatrical performance! With three shows a day at The Ritz Cinema, 6th and 7th May as part of Belper Arts Trail.

Tickets cost just £2 for a small person and 50p for accompanying larger people!

Just turn up at the Ritz for your chosen time and join the queue!

Showtimes on both trail days are:


Costume encouraged!


The Belper Arts Trail has been established to help promote the growth of local artists, engage
with the community and enhance Belper's reputation as a beautiful place to visit.
Read more about us….

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