Treehuggery - Jackie Ward

Mixed Media

My passion is found materials, memorabilia and ephemera; particularly those made redundant through changes in technology.

Inspired by the Dada artists of the early 20th century I combine collage and found materials in a way that goes beyond “retinal art” and becomes “art for the mind.”
My work tells a story, creating a connection between the found materials that I use and what they eventually become.
Consequently a chance finding of vintage bus tickets at a car boot sale, have become caricatures waiting at a bus stop.
Old maps become part of the “feet and miles” collection featuring walkers and runners.

I try to use my art, not just to raise awareness of sustainability around how we can rethink “waste” but also around the sustainability of transport choices, and what they mean to us.

People ask me what I’ll do when I run out of tax discs and tickets, but that’s the interesting thing about working with found materials and other peoples’ waste; you begin to appreciate how finite all of our resources are.

When one can’t just order more of something, everything is valued. Creativity flourishes when things can’t simply be replaced.

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