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Fleet Arts

Various Media, Various Artists

Richard Tailby

Richard Tailby’s photographic work spans 25 years and has appeared in numerous magazines, publications and shows, most recently at Birmingham Royal Society of Photographers.

While undertaking an increasing amount of documentation work for artists, galleries, exhibitions and museums, in his own work Richard explores the complexity of repetition and pattern.

Richard's Website

Bea Tailby Hardstaff

Currently studying Fine Art at Goldmiths University, Bea is interested in the intersection between graphics, art and curation.

Bea's Website

Paul Johnstone

I am a self-taught painter interested in art that is ambient and contemplative.
Responding to the natural world, I paint without prior sketches and start with a notion of colour or mood.

I make work using repetitive markings to build up a sense of depth and vibrancy, exploring the line between digital imagery and mark-making.
I am continually inspired by nature and strive to find new ways of looking,

Paul's Website

Common threads

Common Threads bring together creativity, historical collections and communities.
We aim to inspire creativity and well-being, promoting the physical, mental and social benefits which can be gained through creative practice.
Run by a small group of artists and makers passionate about history, textiles and their potential to inspire and engage we deliver workshops, exhibitions, community activities and creative opportunities.

Common Threads Website

Mary Johnson

I make slip decorated earthenware pottery with painted, sgraffito and sprigged images.
Using traditional techniques applied in contemporary and unusual ways.

Plants, insects and tools are drawn directly onto the work from sketches made in the garden and allotments.

Mary's Website

Tracey Holt Walkden

After 20 years curating exhibitions, Tracey currently invests her creative energy in clay.
Inspired by Delftware she is experimenting with cobalt to emulate the original tin-glaze finish.

Her styles and techniques are very much evolving – an ongoing work in progress!
Tracey is part of the Claywirks collective.

Tracey's Website

Karen Spring

Karen works in Stoneware, making wheel thrown dinner ware and in Porcelain, hand making decorative items.
Much of the inspiration comes from nature and the tension between chaos and control. 
Karen is a largely self taught potter who works out of Fleet Arts.

Mary Johnson
Bea Tailby Hardstaff
Paul Johnstone
Tracey Holt Walkden
Richard Tailby
Karen Spring
Common Threads
Fleet Arts
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